6 FAQ’s About Whole Home Generators

Here in Alabama, we’ve seen practically every type of severe weather just in the past year- hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms, you name it. Unfortunately, thousands and thousands of Alabamians have lost power from these weather events. The weather can be unpredictable, and you want to be prepared for the worst. Want to protect yourself and your family from the next power outage or blackout? Consider installing a whole home generator with your trusted electrician at Xcalibur Home Services in Birmingham, AL. As with every large purchase, you’re bound to have questions and want more details before buying. In this blog post, we will go over the top 6 considerations when installing a standby generator. Let’s address 6 of the most common questions about whole home generators. 

1. Who is a Whole Home Generator Best For?

The main benefit of a standby whole house generator is that they will power your house for days after a power outage. It is highly recommended for those who have critical medical equipment that must keep working if batteries or backups fail. It is also best for anyone who needs uninterrupted use of electric-powered equipment. This includes businesses and families with small children. Of course, whole home generators are great for anyone wanting the convenience of uninterrupted power, so that you don’t have to be selective with your small generator, or grill the entire contents of your refrigerator. Anyone who uses power can benefit from a generator, even though some have a higher need level for one. 

2. What Size Generator Do You Need For Your House?

What about the size of your generator? Do you have power requirements for installing a whole home generator? How many electrical appliances do you need to keep going if your power goes out? Is it the entire house or just a few appliances? So many questions, right? Well answering these questions will guide you in choosing the right size and power of your unit. Your Xcalibur team will certainly help you find the right unit for your home or for your needs. Obviously, the more you need, the bigger the size of the unit and the more power it will require. 

3. How Do These Generators Work?

Standby, whole home units, as opposed to portable generators, are installed on the outside of your property on a concrete slab, in a location that’s easy to access. These generators are directly connected to your electrical system, as well as an external fuel supply.

Whole home generators have an automatic transfer switch, so when it detects an interruption in your main utility service, it safely switches you from that power source to the standby generator’s power. No need to fumble around trying to find a switch or go power it up yourself. It will run on the standby generator’s power supply until your normal utility service resumes working again. Once your main utility comes back online, then the generator shuts off.

4. Are Whole Home Generators Noisy?

If you’ve ever been around any kind of generator, you’ll know that it can be fairly noisy. The same is true for whole home models, however, near models can be much more quiet. Older standby generators were very noisy. Many residential generators come standard with a sound reduction enclosure as well. As a result, this has meant the development of some of the quietest standby generators. 

5. Who Should Install Your Generator?

Please, do NOT try to do this yourself or with the help of someone who isn’t qualified. Hire a professional like Xcalibur Home Services. The professionals can help you safely connect to your electrical system and external fuel source. Please trust us– this type of project requires advanced electrical skills, as well as, pulling permits, and inspections. So, do yourself a favor and call Xcalibur Home Services for your whole house generator installation. 

6. How Often Should the Generator Be Serviced?

Just like most large equipment including your HVAC system, you need to service your whole home generator in order to maintain it properly. This includes changing the oil and filter after using it for multiple days in a row. So, if you want your generator to stay healthy for many years, then check the engine regularly. There’s more to it than just checking the oil and filters, which is why it’s recommended to have a professional do the maintenance and tuneups. A local service professional, like Xcalibur Services, can help you with servicing your equipment. Staying on top of regular maintenance will ensure that your investment lasts as long as it should.

Xcalibur Home Services is your go-to installer, and servicer of whole home generators. We are proud to offer them to our customers all over Alabama. When you choose Xcalibur for your backup power needs, you can expect to receive the same professionalism, workmanship, and service that our HVAC customers know and love. Contact us today for a consultation about installing a generator on your property. Most importantly, we can answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction!

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