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Factors That Can Affect the Quality of Your Air Ducts

Because homeowners use their HVAC systems to receive adequate indoor air quality, they must maintain their units regularly. Part of handling the upkeep of your unit is never forgetting about maintaining the air ducts.

The air ducts help your home’s ventilation transport air throughout each room of your house. Unfortunately, due to their placement, they can often be forgotten as a significant part of the maintenance. Over time, failing to include them in basic cleaning and maintenance procedures may lead to air duct repairs or replacement.

It can be pretty challenging to determine when you need to get your air ducts serviced, especially since you don’t always see them out in the open. Keep reading below to find out what can cause you to replace your air ducts to continue benefiting from your HVAC system 24/7. 

The Age of Your Air Ducts

You can expect your air ducts to last for over ten years, so long as you know how to take care of them. Similar to your air conditioning unit or heating system, the air ducts can also depreciate due to the changes happening in their seals, joints, and seams. 

As a result, your HVAC system’s slow deterioration could cause further problems down the line, such as having to face higher energy bills and experiencing discomfort in your house. Fortunately, you can prevent the degradation of your air ducts if you call a professional to initiate regular air duct cleaning.

The Dirt in Your Air Ducts

You will know your HVAC system is functioning correctly if you continue receiving adequate cool or warm air every day, especially during the cold or hot seasons where you need it the most. The air coming out of your units should always be clean and works to regulate the indoor air in all the rooms in your house.

However, if you fail to initiate the proper HVAC cleaning and include the air ducts, you end up putting you and your family’s health at risk because of the poor air quality you’re receiving. Due to the filth buildup and damage in your heating or cooling system, you will need a replacement if you want to continue acquiring proper air.

The Visible Damage on Your Air Ducts

Your heater or AC unit, together with its air ducts, work to provide you with quality indoor air at all times. But when they experience wear and tear through years of use and develop damage, such as dents or holes, it will severely affect your HVAC system’s performance.

At first sight of problems in your ductwork installation, you should seek an expert’s help right away to prevent prolonging the situation and avoid making the matter worse. An HVAC technician will initiate a check-up of your heating or cooling system and let you know if you will benefit from a repair or a replacement instead.

The Presence of Mold in Your Air Ducts

Discovering mold in your HVAC system and your air ducts can result in huge trouble because it will affect the cleanliness of your home and your health in the long run. Once mold makes its way into the air ducts, each time you operate your heating or cooling system, the molds will scatter all over your home and release an unpleasant stench.

You are bound to experience allergies and other respiratory issues with dirty air ducts unless you opt for AC duct cleaning services immediately. However, in some cases, if thorough sanitizing still won’t solve your problem, it’s best to replace your air ducts to make sure the molds are completely gone.


You will know your HVAC system cannot operate at its best when its air ducts are going through instances that prevent it from running optimally. If your ductworks are old, excessively dirty, show noticeable damage, and have mold infestations, then you should call HVAC services for help. Professional technicians will remedy the situation by performing cleaning and repair or even suggest a replacement when necessary.

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