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Ductless Mini Split

Have you ever wanted a separate thermostat for your room so you could get it nice and cool at night for the perfect night of sleep? Cooling or heating each room separately would cost too much money, right? Not with the ductless mini split system. This HVAC option allows almost any room to have its own unit and thermostat while drastically reducing your monthly energy bill.


A ductless mini split consists of one indoor unit (per area) and a small outdoor compressor. A very small hole is drilled so that the unit’s wiring and setup can be connected to the outdoor compressor. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall or sometimes in the ceiling. Initially, some people do not like that there is a visible unit in the room, but those same people say that they hardly even notice it after a while. The outdoor compressor is much smaller than you’d except, and is capable of supporting multiple indoor units.

The mini split works more efficiently because heated or cooled air cannot escape as much as with a traditional ducted system, the compressor speeds up or slows down rather than shutting off completely, and it takes less energy to move the air since the unit and compressor are closer together.

When is this the best option?

You’re free to get as many mini splits as your heart desires, but chances are that’s not feasible. When deciding which HVAC option to go with, you might want to know which rooms or situations will benefit from each type.  


So when is the mini split the most logical option?

  • New home construction. It takes away the need for a large HVAC unit, furnace, and duct system. It will free up room in your new home and potentially cut down on construction time. A ductless option may also be less expensive than a full duct installation. 
  • Renovation of an older home. Instead of spending countless dollars on repairing and replacing the old, leaky duct system and the problematic unit and compressor, upgrade the home with mini splits to make sure the investment doesn’t keep costing you more money. 
  • Room additions. Adding a room onto your existing home can be tricky when it comes to heating and cooling it. Depending on where the addition is, it may be difficult to run new ductwork. A mini split would be much easier to install to efficiently heat and cool the new addition. 
  • Buildings or homes that only need certain rooms cooled. Maybe there’s a room or area that always stays too hot unless you turn the house into an igloo. A mini split can cool the room separately while the rest of your house stays at a manageable temperature.

Over all, the ductless mini split is a discreet, efficient, money-saving machine that allows you to control individual units for optimum comfort. Keep in mind that this option might not be the most feasible for whole home heating and cooling, even though it is most likely possible. As with any HVAC decision, it’s so important to sit down with us to go over the needs of you and your home. We can recommend systems and go over financial comparisons as well. 

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