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2019 Furnace Replacement Cost

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Does anyone else feel as if this cooler weather came out of nowhere? One day you were blasting the air conditioning to withstand 90 degree temps and now you’ve got your heat on for the frigid nights! The return of colder weather has brought tons of phone calls asking about how much it costs to replace a furnace. According to national data, the average price for a furnace replacement is about $3,400. However, it is difficult to determine an exact price right off the bat and there are some things to consider when it comes to choosing which furnace is right for you and your budget!

Where is your energy coming from?

The first thing to consider is where the energy for your furnace is coming from. Most types of furnaces use gas to run, which typically range anywhere between $2,100-$6,000 to replace. If your system is running of electric, that means that your unit will more than likely have a heat pump-air handler system. The replacement costs of heat pumps are between $5,000-$15,000. Both of these prices for gas powered and electric powered furnaces are based off of the efficiency and size of the system.

Efficiency and Size?

If your system has a higher AFUE or annual fuel unit efficiency, it’s a more efficient system and will typically cost more upfront. However, that’s not a terrible thing! You will see a return on your investment based on the usage that your system requires and will end up spending less money because your operating costs are reduced.

Furnaces are definitely not a one size fits all type of system. When looking to get your furnace replaced, you’re going to want your contractor to help figure out what size system is best for your home. Not having the right sized unit can cost you more in utility bills and could potentially cost you more up front.


Your installation fees are based upon the brand of the furnace you choose, location of the instal, and the contractor you hire out to install the furnace. If you happen to choose a more expensive furnace brand and the place it needs to go is difficult to reach, the job will take a bit longer and could result in higher installation fees.

If you have any questions about our furnace installation costs, process, or want to schedule an inspection of your furnace, you can rely on Xcalibur Services to be there to help! Give us a call! (205) 718-8700

Published: November 25th, 2019

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