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Ductless Mini Splits

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Ductless Mini Splits Birmingham, AL

If your home doesn’t already have central heat and air…Or if you just need to boost the cooling to one room (like your master bedroom) that never seems to get enough AC…

A ductless mini split system is probably your best solution. Ductless mini split systems allow you to add cooling and heating to any room in your home — while providing that room with it’s own thermostat.

If you like your office cooler, or your bedroom warmer, than your central system can provide… a mini split system’s the answer. These systems are a much more elegant and flexible solution than window units and significantly cheaper than installing or modifying a home’s central heating and air conditioning.

Call our Birmingham air conditioning experts today for help with a ductless mini split system!

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The Xcalibur Difference Matters for Mini Splits

As with ANY heating or cooling system, the quality of the install matters more than the brand of the equipment.

But many home-owners and quite a few HVAC Professionals will slap-dash install a mini split system as if it were a plug and play window unit.

That’s a recipe for disappointing performance and frequent breakdowns.

At Xcalibur our team of stand-up techs are trained to:

  • Measure your heating and cooling load requirements and ensure you get the perfect sized system
  • Install the units, plumb, level, and true
  • Properly charge and commission the new system, and
  • Guarantee it’s performing up to specs before leaving

We also offer maintenance programs and flexible financing options.


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What Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

A ductless system uses an evaporator in each wall-mounted unit, allowing the cold air to blow directly out from the unit, without the need for ducting.

This makes ductless systems quieter and more efficient than central heat and air.

They are sometimes referred to as ductless mini splits because one outside condenser unit can feed cold coolant to multiple units within the home, while allowing each unit a separate and independent thermostat.

They really are an ideal solution when you’re trying to add or boost cooling and heating in one or two rooms.

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Ductless VS Central Heat & Air?

Ductless systems are best for smaller spaces or for adding/boosting cooling and heating for one or two rooms.

If you want to heat and cool larger homes with multiple rooms, central heat and air is usually the best way to go.

Though there are situations were adding ductwork to an older home can be prohibitively expensive or destructive to an older homes historic appeal. So ductless systems can be a great alternative to traditional systems when renovating older, historical homes.


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