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Surge Protection Birmingham, AL

When you’re settling in for an evening of work or relaxing with a movie with family on the big screen, the last thing you want to deal with is a power surge. It can wreak havoc on your electronics and appliances and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage.

Instead of dealing with unexpected voltage surges, you can invest in surge protection services in Birmingham, AL, to protect your equipment and keep your home running efficiently. If you’re already suffering from a power surge, we also offer electrical repairs to restore your home as quickly as possible. Call the team at Xcalibur Services for help and shield your most valuable assets while enjoying uninterrupted power.

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What is a Power Surge?

A power surge happens when your home’s electrical system exceeds 120 volts, which is the standard amount of voltage expected to run standard devices and appliances. Unfortunately, the surges can happen suddenly and without warning due to lightning strikes, a malfunction or work going on with the electric grid, or electrical issues lurking in your home. Because you can’t necessarily plan for them, you need surge protection services in Birmingham, AL, to protect your home.


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Our Surge Protection Process

The licensed electricians at Xcalibur Services are knowledgeable about surge protection and underlying issues with all types of electrical systems. We’ll conduct a series of tests and look over your home to identify any vulnerabilities and come up with a customized plan to meet your needs.

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The Aftermath of a Power Surge

If you’ve experienced a power surge in Birmingham, AL, your electrical system, appliances, and electronics may have suffered irreparable damage. When the electrical surge overwhelms your systems, it can literally fry your components. You may find your wiring, outlets, and switches are now at risk for malfunctions or possible fire dangers. It’s crucial to call in the experts right away after a power surge—and help prevent them from happening again.

Protect Your Home with Surge Suppressors

Surge suppressors can help keep power surges from ever making it into your home. The devices help redirect excessive voltage into area grounding wires. When the voltage normalizes, your power will restore itself. In the event of a sudden lightning strike, surge suppressors can also help protect your home and lessen the damage.

Do You Need Surge Protection?

If you’re not sure if you need surge protection in Birmingham, AL, there are a few red flags to look for:

  • The age of your home: Homes built before the 1980s are at a higher risk of electrical surge damage.
  • New appliances: If you recently upgraded your appliances, it may put more of a strain on your electrical load than your home is accustomed to accommodating.
  • Lightning strikes: If your home was ever struck by lightning, there’s a chance it could happen again and needs protection from future strikes.
  • Unreliable power grid: Power grids that frequently experience downed power lines or plant problems could lead to a sudden surge into your home.

Surge Protection Benefits

There are numerous benefits of surge protection that can save you time, resources, and major headaches around your home:

  • Device Protection: Keep your electronics, appliances, and other systems from voltage damage.
  • Extended Lifespan: Good surge protection services can extend the lifespan of your electronics, appliances, and equipment and avoid premature replacement.
  • Financial Savings: Repairing or replacing electronics can be expensive, and surge protectors are a relatively low-cost alternative.
  • Insure Against Lightning Strikes: Lightning can destroy your home and cause untold heartache. Surge protectors can’t stop all lightning, but they can help deter it from entering your home and frying your electrical set-up.
  • Reduce the Risk of Fires: Electrical surges may not immediately cause a fire, but they can compromise your electrical system and wiring and lead to vulnerabilities and subsequent fires.


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Get Home Surge Protection Services in Birmingham, AL

If you’re tired of dealing with power surges or want to protect your home and valuables from electrical voltage gone wild, we can help. Get the uninterrupted power and peace of mind you deserve. Call us today! The experts at Xcalibur Services are here to offer comprehensive surge protection in Birmingham that you can trust.

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