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Birmingham Emergency Plumbing Services

Are you looking for emergency plumbing help in Birmingham? Don’t wait! Give the team at Xcalibur Services a call and we’ll get there as soon as possible. We know a plumbing emergency can’t wait and will give you instructions and tips to help mitigate the damage while you wait for us to arrive. We’re here to help and will get your home back in working order as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Our Birmingham Emergency Plumbers

Xcalibur Services are proud to serve your community as your go-to emergency plumber in Birmingham. People come to us again and again:

  • Our upfront pricing and financing options
  • We treat your home as if it were our own
  • Our licensed techs are knowledgeable and friendly
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergencies
  • We put our customers first, always

No matter what’s going on with your plumbing, we can help! Call us 24-hours a day and we’ll get to your home or business as soon as possible.


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Do I Need to Call an Emergency Plumber in Birmingham?

You may not know if you really need an emergency plumber in Birmingham or if it can wait a day or two. Here are some things to consider and when you should call us immediately:

  • You’re dealing with a major plumbing leak that’s damaging your home.
  • You have a leak and can’t turn off the water to make it stop.
  • There’s sewage backing up into your home, exposing you and your family to health risks and making it impossible to stay in your home.
  • You’re unable to use your plumbing, such as the only toilet in your home being backed up.

Call our licensed plumbers in Birmingham for emergency help anytime you’re at risk for a health or safety issue due to a plumbing problem. We’re here to help!

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What to Do if You Experience a Plumbing Emergency in Birmingham

There are a few things you can do to try to stop the problem and minimize the damage while waiting for an emergency plumber. If water is flowing into your house, turn off the main water valve for your home before calling us. It’s usually located with the rest of your utilities, basement, or garage. Once you locate the valve, turn it to the right to stop the flow of water.

Give us a call once you’ve stopped the water (or if you can’t stop it at all). But it’s important not to use your plumbing until we fix the problem and turn it back on. Otherwise, you could make your plumbing problem even worse.

What Happens When You Call a Birmingham Emergency Plumber?

If you call our emergency plumbers in Birmingham, AL outside of regular business hours, you’ll be directed to the plumber on call. They’ll ask some questions, make suggestions if possible, and get to you as soon as possible. If they have another call to take ahead of yours, they’ll give you as many instructions as possible and give you a time window of when to expect them. Our goal is to help you rest easy, knowing we’re coming to help as soon as possible.

Get Birmingham Emergency Plumbing Help Now!

Call Xcalbiur’s team of emergency plumbers in Birmingham immediately to help you find the best solution and help for your home. We’ll get there as quickly as possible to stop the crisis and restore your home’s plumbing.


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Call our Emergency Plumbers in Birmingham Today

Don’t deal with a plumbing crisis alone! We’re here to help. Call one of our emergency plumbers in Birmingham today to get the help you need. We’ll get there as soon as possible and talk through the options with fair, upfront pricing to restore your home as quickly as possible.

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