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6 Tips to Stay Cool While Your AC Is Being Repaired

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Your AC unit is being repaired, and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable because of the humidity and warmth that are slowly creeping in your house. However, it will take a few hours before your AC is running again. What do you do? There are many ways to stay cool at home. Let us share with you some tips: 

Turn on the Fans

The next best thing to use when your AC is not working are your fans. Let your ceiling fans circulate air in your home, and if it’s still warm, use the power of stand-alone fans. When you’re feeling hot, all you need to do is sit in front of the fan and you’ll be able to cool off. 

Even if your AC is fixed, you should use fans more often because they use less energy. In turn, you will experience a significant decrease in your utility bills. Also, fans are more appropriate when you only need to cool off one room instead of the entire home. Fans are also effective to use if you want to cool your home further while the AC is on. 

Indulge in Cold Food and Drinks

Another effective way to stay cool is to consume something cold. This is not the moment to eat hot stuff. Instead, go for cold foods, such as salads and ice cream. Cold foods and beverages can help lower body temperature, which will make you feel more comfortable. 

Get in the Water

Most people prefer hot showers, but when you’re too hot because of the lack of AC, go in there and get a cold shower. Consider yourself lucky if you have a pool you can dip in. Even if you don’t have one, you can always hop in the tub and immerse your body in cool water. 

If you plan to jump in the cold shower, make sure to turn the temperature down before you do so. Hot water can increase blood flow, which means your internal temperature will be higher. Cold water can help regulate blood circulation and prevent the body from going into overdrive. 

Add Curtains

Curtains can help keep your house cool, especially in areas where the sun gets through the window. On hot days and when your AC isn’t working, put up the curtains and close them to cool your home. Blackout curtains are an excellent choice to keep room temperatures cooler. 

Avoid Cooking Inside

Cooking inside will make you feel hotter than you already are inside your home. So, during this time, consider ordering food or eating outside. 

Stay Hydrated

Water in the body helps regulate internal temperature. So, if you’re feeling hot, the best thing to do would be to hydrate. Also, avoid things that may dehydrate you easily. Now is not the time to do some physical activities that will make you sweat and thirstier than usual. Sit down and drink plenty of water. 


Broken AC units can be a hassle, but if yours need repair and you feel warm and uncomfortable inside your home, these tips will help you stay cool. Prevent AC repairs by ensuring proper HVAC maintenance. With this, you don’t need to worry about staying cool inside your home. 

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Published: March 24th, 2021

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