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Preparing Your Unit for Summer 2020

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Summer is officially on the horizon! This year is a little different as some summer vacations might be affected by COVID-19 and you might find yourself staying inside a little bit more than usual. Is your air conditioner prepped to handle the summer heat? The last thing you want is to have AC problems on the hottest day in Alabama in June. These tips can help get your unit ready to rock and roll this summer!

Change the Filters

This is probably the easiest and most talked about tips when it comes to getting your air conditioner ready for summer. Your filter should be replaced every month or so to keep your unit in great working condition. New filters can be picked up at your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and other retailers.

Get a new Thermostat

If you don’t already have one, a programmable thermostat is the way to go! They can save you big bucks by being able to schedule out what times of the day that you don’t need your air conditioning in full use, like when you’re at work. 

Clean up Debris around Unit

If there is any build-up of leaves, weeds, high grass, etc around your unit it could affect the performance of your AC. Take an afternoon to cut the grass and remove any debris around the unit. Throughout the summer, check around the unit every month or so for any new growth.

Schedule an Inspection

You should have your unit inspected every fall to prepare for winter and every spring to prepare for summer. When issues arise with your heating and air conditioning units, turning to someone you trust is a necessity! This is why our team has worked diligently to build our reputation of being one of the most trusted air conditioning contractors in the Birmingham, AL, area. We want to assist you in keeping your systems running their best!

Need to schedule an inspection? Give us a call! (205) 718-8700.

Published: May 28th, 2020

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