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4 Signs Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs Servicing Now

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If you are looking for the ultimate climate control solution, it is the ducted air conditioning system. This system allows cool air to spread throughout the home efficiently, ensuring comfort. Unfortunately, these systems do not last forever. Like any other piece of equipment out there, ducted air conditioners need to be maintained every once in a while to stay in good condition.

Have a ducted air conditioner in your home? Here are the signs that it needs to be serviced as soon as possible:

The ductwork is damaged

The ducts in your system are made of various materials, depending on your needs. In most cases, they are made from rubber or plastic. Over time, these materials can wear and tear, come loose, and develop a whole host of other issues. All these problems can cause your duct air conditioning system’s performance to drop significantly, increasing your energy costs. If you feel like your system is underperforming or your energy bills are increasing for no reason, have technicians check your ducted air conditioner.

The filters are filled with debris

The system will have filters to stop dust and debris from affecting sensitive components in the ducted air conditioner. If the filters are not clean, it can lead to more allergens in the air, not to mention reduce the system’s performance. If you see that your allergies are occurring more frequently, or that you believe the filters to be filled, contact specialists for it. Replacing the filters by yourself is a real challenge because the filters are found deep inside the ducts.

The zoning gates are not working

A ducted air conditioner will have zoning gates to redirect airflow to the appropriate places. These gates can close in rooms you do not want cold air to reach, and they can open in areas that you want cold air. If you notice that the places mean to be cold are not or vice versa, chances are that the zoning gates are either stuck or jammed. Call a specialist to tackle the problem right away to avoid further complications.

The condensation drain is problematic 

Inside the ducted air conditioning system, you might find the condensation drain. As the name implies, this drain is supposed to divert condensation away to keep the unit and your home safe. However, problems can also occur in the condensation drains, causing musty odors, blocked filters, and even water droplets in the main duct. This can cause damage to the system and the house, so hire a specialist for the problem quickly to stop water from causing damage.


If you notice any of these problems, you must get your ducted air conditioning system fixed right away. This will ensure that the problem is tackled before it gets worse, helping you save money and sanity. We highly recommend setting up routine maintenance for your system. This ensures that problems are caught as early as possible, that your system can be tuned and cared for to provide maximum performance and minimize energy usage to keep your home and wallet happy.

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 Published: May 13th, 2021

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