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Duct Installation

Duct system installation is a major part of new home construction, remodeling, or room additions as it is what carries the cool or warm air all throughout the house and pulls air back in for circulation. Duct installation can “make or break” the overall function and efficiency of your AC unit or furnace. That’s why it’s important to leave the installation process to Xcalibur Services.

Planning: The first and most important step

The most important part of duct installation is planning. Determining the needs of the house, mapping out the ductwork, and preparing for the work. In the planning process, it’s crucial to analyze each room to determine where the vent should be and the most effective way to get the ductwork to that specific area. Runs that are too long or bent around sharp corners will not be efficient or as effective. Each part of the duct system installation must be thought out in order for the furnace or AC unit to function its best, saving you money on your energy bill.


The installation process includes the following components:

  • The plenum- the chamber that pulls air directly from your unit
  • The main trunk line- the primary duct and the main line of air distribution throughout the entire home
  • Return vents- a crucial part of the system that pulls air out to properly circulate the air. The amount of return vents will depend on the size of the home or structure.

Xcalibur HVAC experts will install and seal all new ductwork, taking their time to do everything the right way the first time.

New Duct System

It’s crucial for duct systems in new homes to be designed and installed properly. For a HVAC system in a new home construction (or retrofit) to be truly energy-efficient, the duct system must be sealed properly and have the right return airflow setup. Energy-saving systems will not function their best without the properly-installed ductwork. Efficient and well-designed duct systems evenly distribute air throughout your home to keep all rooms and common areas at a comfortable and constant temperature. When we install the system correctly, it should provide balanced supply and return flow to keep the neutral pressure in the house. Keep in mind that even well sealed and insulated ducts will leak and lose some of the heat, but that’s why we install the ductwork where the lost heat will escape into the house where it should be.

Existing Duct Systems

The current duct system might be suffering from design deficiencies, usually in regards to the return air system. We can evaluate the current system and design a new layout. Ductwork can be moved and adjusted to better heat or cool certain areas of your home. Any rooms that lack sufficient air flow or return air flow can be upgraded using simple solutions like new return-air grilles, jumper ducts, and more.

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