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Your Indoor Air Quality Could Be A Problem

Our air duct cleaning services can give you a cleaner, fresher air in your home, and help eliminate impurities that can cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, infections, and disease. Call today, and we’ll send a highly trained technician to inspect your ducts!

We inspect your duct work to show you what your breathing

Our technicians use a video inspection system to evaluate your home’s ductwork. We look for dirt, debris, animal droppings, mold, moisture, and more to determine whether cleaning is necessary to improve the quality of your home’s air. We also inspect the joints and junctions of your duct system. Any connections that are not sealed or improperly joined can cause your heated or cooled air to leak into your attic and crawl space. This also means your utility bill is higher than it should be.

Control dust and other contaminants by cleaning the central air system

What is building up in your air ducts?

Inside the home can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Household dust can contain mites, mold, mildew, pollen, and animal dander - all of which is cycled through the central air system, which completely circulates the air in your home three to five times a day. The best way to get rid of these contaminants is to have your ducts professionally cleaned. We use an advanced brush and vacuum system to scrub your duct system clean. Next, we’ll sanitize your ducts with an EPA-recommended antimicrobial fogger, leaving your home fresh and clean.


Your ducts need cleaning if:
  1. You notice a smell in your home
  2. Your registers are dirty
  3. You have allergies or asthma
  4. You have pets
  5. You have smokers in the house

Homeowners are glad they had their air ducts cleaned!

Our customers are not only pleased with the air duct cleaning service we provide, but 74% of them also recommend the service to their friends and family.

How Your Ducts Are Cleaned Makes A Difference.

There are two ways to effectively clean your ductwork: the negative air method and the brush and vac method. The negative air method involves blocking off all your air returns and vents, then cutting a hole in your ductwork. A large hose is attached to the shaft, and a truck-mounted vacuum sucks out the debris. This method works but can leave caked-on material behind.

Here’s what we do:

  • We start the process by removing all of your register covers and cleaning them thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

  • Next, our technicians will feed a hose with a rotating brush head into your ductwork, and the real cleaning begins.

  • After your ducts have been scrubbed clean, we fog them with an EPA-recommended antimicrobial mist that leaves a pleasant scent behind.

We use the system that homeowners prefer three to one:

The Rotobrush brush and vacuum method that scrubs your ductwork while it vacuums up debris. Also, since the system is portable, there is no need to cut a hole in your ductwork for hose access.


Don’t wait until you notice a strange smell in your home, your allergies act up, or you see dirt on your registers; clean your air ducts now and enjoy a happy, healthy home.

We recommend and use Bryant products

As a Bryant Dealer, our team is extensively trained, regularly updated, and qualified in a broad selection of exceptional temperature control and air quality options.

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