Heating Repair and Installation in Birmingham

Heating Repair and Installation in Birmingham

The best way to prevent your home from becoming an ice fortress is to make sure you have an energy-efficient and high-performing heating system that will keep your home warm and comfortable despite however bad the weather is outside. Facing the colder months of the year without heat can be dangerous to the home and its homeowners. Whether it’s furnace installation or general heating repair services, trust the Xcalibur Services HVAC technicians to maintain your heating system to be in its best working condition. At Xcalibur Services, our years of experience as an HVAC company are trusted by Birmingham, Alabama, and its surrounding areas to provide quality HVAC repair, installation, and preventative maintenance home services.

Furnace Installation

Before it’s officially time to install a new furnace, we will send one of our experienced technicians to your home first and evaluate the current furnace or heat pump before immediately deciding to install a new system. Sometimes a furnace may need a simple repair, such as a new thermostat, but when the damage is extensive enough for a new furnace installation, our team will assist you through the entire process. Our technicians are knowledgeable in their work and will offer affordable options to meet your budget and explain any financing options for our quality services. Knowing the right heating system for your home is a significant and costly investment, so we work with you to choose an efficient and durable heating solution. At Xcalibur Services, we pride ourselves on ensuring your home has the right furnace or heat pump system with our heating installation services.

Heating Repair Services You Can Depend On

There is no need to panic or stress when it comes to heating repair for your home. Whether it’s having trouble getting the furnace to work correctly after a season of unuse or if you notice a  decrease in heating abilities after the furnace has constantly been running for several months. Whatever the case may be, it’s best to call the professionals for all your heating service needs. When you call Xcalibur Services, our years of experience are dedicated to getting your heating services repaired with the fastest and most accurate heating repair services

We recommend signing up for a maintenance plan in order to have an annual furnace tune-up to make sure your heating system is ready for the winter. Take advantage of our preventative maintenance recommendations to have a healthy, energy-efficient heating system that will last.

General Repair

As a qualified heat pump and furnace repair home services company, we know the importance of fast responses and timely services. Our team of HVAC technicians is ready to tend to your home's needs when you call about your heater breakdowns. Because a cold house is miserable for everyone and exposed furnace equipment can be hazardous, our upfront, certified technicians will quickly locate the cause of the heating system issue and restore your heating device to working condition.


Several common issues can warrant a heating system check from a professional expert. If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues regarding your home's heating, then call Xcalibur Services to schedule an HVAC repair. These common issues include, but are not limited:


  • Uneven heat distribution throughout the home
  • High energy bills or a jump in price
  • Unusual sounds from your furnace or heat pump
  • Unpleasant or burning smells coming from the system
  • Low or cold airflow through the vents.

Preventative Maintenance

Xcalibur Services can perform any HVAC service repairs or installations your home may require. Still, some recommended preventative maintenance should be taken advantage of instead of requesting a service call after waiting too long for your system to require a repair or new installation.


Such preventative maintenance includes scheduling a furnace tune-up in advance. A furnace tune-up is when a technician comes to your home and looks over your system, cleans off the surface, and ensures everything works normally and adequately. Having an annual tune-up as part of our HVAC services can prevent homeowners' hefty costs on new HVAC systems and repairs when issues are left unnoticed.

Emergency Services

At Xcalibur Services, we understand that having any system not work correctly is concerning, especially if it’s the heating system during winter. Emergency services are just a call away for our on-call HVAC technicians. As a service company, we understand the importance of providing a safe and warm shelter for yourself and your family, which is why emergency services take priority. 


Our experienced HVAC contractors have the professional experience required for most modern-day HVAC systems, such as:


  • Cooling systems
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Indoor air quality
  • AC service
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Heating repair
  • Heat pumps

We are proud to offer our wide range of residential heating services and residential furnace services to our customers, including heating repair and installation, in and around the Birmingham area, including Alabaster, Bessemer, Chelsea, Helena, Homewood, Hoover, Gardendale, Mountain Brook, Leeds, Pelham, Pinson, Trussville, and Vestavia Hills.

We recommend and use Trane products.

As a Trane Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is extensively trained, regularly updated, and qualified in a broad selection of exceptional temperature control and air quality options.

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