Plumbing Repairs in Birmingham

Residential Plumbing Repair Services

Whether it’s an overflowing toilet or a leaking pipe, Birmingham homeowners know that plumbing issues cannot go unaddressed. Otherwise, the chance for significant water damage increases by a large amount. When you detect a problem with your plumbing, call on Birmingham’s preferred plumbing contractors. Our team of plumbing service experts will provide quality solutions at affordable prices and in an efficient manner.


Our Birmingham plumbers provide true craftsmanship in our quality work, from water heater installation, faucets and other plumbing fixtures to hot tubs, pipe repair, drain cleaning and sump pump repair/replacement. We also offer and encourage preventive maintenance for your home’s plumbing system, which can avoid unnecessary plumbing or sewer repairs.

Whatever your plumbing needs or residential plumbing repairs may be, you can call on Xcalibur Services. We’re one of the best local plumbing companies in Alabama, and we serve all areas surrounding the Birmingham area including:

We also offer emergency plumbing services, for the times when these things happen OUTSIDE of normal hours.

Common Plumbing Problems

Even if you keep up with your Birmingham home’s residential plumbing maintenance, sometimes issues still arise and plumbing service needs to be called in. When this happens, don’t panic. Instead, get in touch with our Birmingham plumbing technicians, and we’ll help you avoid a costly headache, and provide world-class customer satisfaction while we’re at it!


Here are some common plumbing problems that you may experience as a homeowner in Alabama that our full-service plumbing company can offer solutions for:

If you notice any of these issues, schedule residential plumbing repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Plumber repairing garbage disposal

Sink and Faucet Repair

We don’t give much thought to our sink except when we notice that it’s not draining correctly — then we’re annoyed at the puddle of water pooling in it. A blocked sink is a pain, but our plumbing technicians can quickly fix the issue with our professional sink repair service! Whether it’s hair or soap in the bathroom sink or food waste in the kitchen sink, we will clear up the issue.


In addition to our sink repair services, we also provide faucet repairs. Dripping faucets waste a lot of water and can even damage the area around the sink. Save money and have your leaky faucet repaired by our licensed contractors.

Water Heater Repair

Were you shocked when you turned on the shower, expecting hot water but being blasted with cold water? This is never a great way to start your day, so if you notice that your home’s water tends to be only lukewarm or fluctuates between hot and cold, get in touch with a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

Our team can perform gas or electric water heater repairs and keep you from having to take any more cold showers. We work with conventional, tankless, and hybrid water heaters.

Well Pump Repair

Well pumps are constantly running, so it makes sense that they will occasionally break down. If you're unhappy with the performance of your well pump, you can reach out to our team. We will diagnose and repair the problem in no time. We’ve had experience fixing leaks, broken pressure valves, and malfunctioning pressure switches and power supplies. No matter the issue, you can rely on our well pump repair services to get your system running smoothly again.

Other Plumbing Repair Services We Offer

In addition to sink, faucet, water heater, and well pump repairs, we also provide other essential residential plumbing repair services, including:

Plumbing Issues? We Can Fix That!

No matter how your plumbing system is acting up, our licensed professionals can provide the necessary residential plumbing repairs. We have the experience and tools to keep your system in great shape, and know how to work in and with plumbing systems in the Birmingham area


If it’s time for a replacement, we can also take care of all residential plumbing installations. Don’t settle for any of the other companies; contact the best local team in Alabama today!

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