Appliance Wiring Services

Appliance Wiring Services in Birmingham, Hoover, Irondale, & Huntsville, AL

We utilize a multitude of electrical appliances on a daily basis in our homes. From washing and drying clothes, keeping food cold, to keeping water hot,  you need dedicated circuitry to keep your vital systems operating safely and effectively! When it’s time to add new wiring or additional circuits, Xcalibur Services can get the job done efficiently, effectively, and at a fair price. 

Our certified electricians have been serving Birmingham, Hoover, and Irondale, AL  since 2014! We’re the experts you can count on for complete appliance wiring and dedicated circuit installation.

Looking for appliance wiring or need a dedicated circuit added to your home? Call us at 205-718-8688 to get in touch with our certified electrician near you!

Types of Appliance Wiring Services

The vast majority of tools, appliances, and equipment we use in our homes need to be on a dedicated circuit in order to remain safe and properly functional. 


When we do an installation service for you we’ll assess the current electrical systems in your home and find the ideal wiring solution to help you get exactly what you need. We have the tools and training to handle dedicated circuit installation for all major home equipment, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Washers and dryers
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Range hoods
  • Gas and electric Water heaters
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Heat pumps and HVAC hybrids
  • Dishwashers and garbage disposals
  • Exterior lighting
  • Outdoor outlets
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Pool and spa

If you’re planning on installing a major appliance and you’re not sure your home’s energy supply can handle it, ask us about our electrical panel upgrade services.

We recommend the following always be on a dedicated outlet:

Washers and dryers: Washers and dryers require more energy than almost anything in your home and require dedicated circuits from the electrical panel straight to the unit. Today’s dryers also require 4-wire circuits, outlets, and cords. Xcalibur Service's appliance wiring specialists can have your washer and dryer hooked up to their own circuits so they don’t overload your electrical system!

Microwaves:  Older homes may not have the wiring required to properly power a microwave. This means that every time they try to heat food, they’re putting more and more strain on the electrical system. There is a new trend (definitely not recommended) emerging where microwaves are installed over the range using exhaust fan wiring, which is a disaster waiting to happen! 

Window AC Units: People who buy window air conditioners are often told they can plug the AC into any outlet and be fine. This is not usually the case! We see people who install window air conditioners and then experience tripping breakers because they did not have their unit plugged into a dedicated circuit.

Heavy appliance outlets: Handheld or portable tools need to be on a dedicated circuit to avoid complications. This is typically handled by installing dedicated outlets in strategic places in your home. You’ve likely seen these in bathrooms for hairdryers and other hygiene tools, living rooms for portable heaters, and more. 

Flat-screen TVs:  That 60-inch LCD on your wall needs a lot of energy. Our electricians can install your TV on a dedicated circuit to help protect the rest of your home’s electrical system and help your TV maintain its picture and sound quality.

We provide special appliance wiring for your home in Birmingham, AL, Contact Xcalibur Services today to get a quote on your project.

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