Electrical Rewiring in Birmingham

When considering a full home electrical rewire, it is important to evaluate and understand several factors that are a part of a full rewire process. These important considerations include time, building codes, safety, and the total cost of the rewiring. Of course, the actual Birmingham electrician you choose to work with can make an enormous impact as well. Hiring the right electrical contractor will make your home rewiring project go smoothly.

When hiring Xcalibur Services, our Birmingham wiring and rewiring specialists will handle the entire electrical installation process for you. The homeowners we’ve worked with appreciated having an electrician who provides the best electrical services, while also being at the house rewire project in a timely manner, completing it on schedule and on budget.

 Whether you need one room rewired, are doing a remodel or circuit breaker/electrical panel upgrades or require new wiring installed throughout the whole house, our team of professional Birmingham electrical contractors has the electrical system skills, tools, and years of experience to get the job done right.

To discuss your wiring needs with one of our local electrician team members, call 205-656-1478 and we will answer your questions and set up a free consultation. 


Reasons for Rewiring a House

As your home ages, it will eventually require some minor and major repair work, and as the electrical demands of today’s technology-driven world, your electrical needs will change. When upgrading your fuse board/consumer unit (which houses your main switch, circuit breakers, and more) can upgrade the power handling center, but if the wires in your home are not substantial enough to handle the new current, it will be time to rewire your home. 


 By keeping your electrical panel and electrical wiring up-to-date in proper working order, you are protecting one of the most important functions of your home. A new electrical panel and wiring provides a new level of electrical safety, which gives you peace of mind knowing you are as protected as possible. Aging or outdated wiring can lead to critical problems, unending electrical work and electrical repair, or even dangerous situations.


Several benefits to installing new wiring in a house include:

  • Adding more capacity to your electrical system
  • Preventing electrical fires
  • Saving money on electric bills
  • Reducing the likelihood of a power outage
  • Most importantly, eliminating electrical problems


Understandably, choosing to rewire your home is an investment. We actually only recommend it to our clients when it is absolutely necessary, as the new high-quality fuse box, wiring, time and labor can be very costly. That’s why we offer a no-obligation assessment and inspection of your current electrical situation. We will analyze your wiring system, inform you of any issues we discover, and advise you on your electrical services options.


Get Started On Your Wiring Project Today!

Leave your wiring project in the hands of our bonded and insured electricians so that you can have peace of mind knowing we will do the job safely and according to regulations. We even offer ongoing maintenance plans to protect your investment.


Xcalibur services offer electrical services, wiring and rewiring services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. Contact us now to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our wiring and rewiring experts.

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