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Light switches are a mechanism that interrupts the flow of electricity to specific fixtures when turned off. Like all devices, light switches can fail after extensive use. At Xcalibur Services, we understand troubleshooting and electrical wiring. We can diagnose your light switch problems and correct them quickly at a fair price.

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Electrician installing a light switch

Light Switch Services

Allow our Hoover, AL light switch and outlet electricians help you with any issues in your home, including:

  • Light switches that are not wired to anything
  • Installing a new light switch
  • Replacing a light switch
  • Adding a dimmer to your light switch
  • Upgrading your light switches to accommodate new home technologies
  • Faulty light switches in your home
  • Light switches that are warm to the touch
  • Light switches that may have loose connections
  • Outlet Installation & Repair

Try these easy troubleshooting methods if you are having trouble with an outlet:

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Make sure that the plug you are using is inserted fully into the outlet
  • Check the appliance you are trying to plug in to ensure it works in a different outlet
  • Try resetting the GFCI for that outlet

If these simple tactics don’t resolve your problem, call Xcalibur Services for help. You may have corroded or loose wires in your outlet box or may require a new outlet box altogether. Sometimes, a dead outlet is a sign of an even bigger problem with your electrical panel or circuit breaker.

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At Xcalibur Services, our goal is to provide exceptional services at fair prices. We background check all of our team members and ensure that they are equipped with the correct tools and training to get your electrical jobs done right. When it comes to light switch issues or outlet problems, look no further than our trustworthy team.

Our team has been helping homeowners in Birmingham, AL, and other areas in Jefferson and Shelby County since 2014. Contact us today!

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