Heating Maintenance in Birmingham

Heating Repair & Maintenance in Birmingham, AL

When temperatures fall, people rely on their furnaces to keep their homes warm and cozy — but sometimes, they do not work how they are supposed to. Some homeowners have trouble getting their heater to work correctly after a season of unuse. Others notice a decrease in heating abilities after the furnace has constantly been running for several months. Whichever situation you may be in, it’s best to call the professionals as soon as your heating system malfunctions.

Based in Birmingham, AL, Xcalibur Services offers heating repair and maintenance services in Hoover, Vestavia, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Alabaster, Pelham, and beyond! When you call on our team, a skilled local HVAC contractor will come out to your Alabama home to diagnose the heating problem and provide proper repair services.

Common Heating Problems

Is that sound coming from the heater normal? Why is my energy bill so much higher this month than in the last few months?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you could have a broken or malfunctioning heating system. Unfortunately, these are not the only problems you may be experiencing. Here are some common heating problems you’ll want to watch out for:

  • Uneven distribution of heat: There could be a few different reasons your heater or furnace is not properly heating all the rooms in your house. It may be a simple problem with your thermostat, or it may be something more serious, like a cracked heat exchanger or leaking ductwork.
  • High energy bills: If you haven’t changed the way you use your heating system, but you still notice a jump in your energy bills, there could be an efficiency problem. This will need to be fixed before the system fails altogether.
  • Unusual sounds: Heaters and furnaces should remain fairly quiet, so if you notice a new sound coming from your unit, you should have a professional inspect it.
  • Unpleasant smells: Dirty air filters and dust buildup in the furnace can cause your heating system to give off an unpleasant odor. Simply cleaning these parts can help with the issue. If there's a burning smell coming from your heater, shut it off immediately and have a professional check the electrical components.
  • Low or cold airflow: Sometimes, heaters begin to have low airflow or blow cold air through the vents. When this happens, the air filters may be dirty or clogged, the ductwork may have leaks, the pilot light may not be lit, or your furnace needs more fuel.

As soon as you experience any of these heater problems, reach out to your trusted Alabama HVAC specialists. They’ll help you get to the root of the problem and deliver speedy repairs.

Why Choose Xcalibur for Heating Repair and Maintenance Services?

As a qualified heat pump and furnace repair company, we understand the importance of timely responses and prompt service. Our team is ready to tend to your needs when you notify us of heater breakdowns. Because a cold house is miserable for everyone and compromised furnace components can be hazardous to the health and safety of your family, our certified technicians will quickly locate the cause of the heating system issue and replace the faulty parts.

In addition to prompt, careful heating repair and maintenance services, we also offer flexible financing options to help you handle emergency HVAC repairs and replacements. We strive to make your home as comfortable as possible with the best equipment, techniques, and tools at an affordable price.

Xcalibur Services' team of HVAC technicians

Our Repair & Maintenance Approach

During a heating maintenance service appointment, our technicians will turn off the power to your heating system so they can inspect it to ensure each part is functioning properly. If we notice worn out or damaged parts, we’ll quickly replace them to ensure you can benefit from an efficient heating source. Then, we will clean your heater and replace any air filters that need to be changed out. Before leaving, our technicians will perform a “Final Touch” inspection to ensure your furnace or heater is running effectively once again.

Don’t wait to schedule your heating maintenance and repair services. These appointments help our technicians catch problems before they become serious complications.

Contact Xcalibur for Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

If your heating system isn’t working as it should, reach out to our friendly team. We offer superior heating services, including heating replacement services, to our local customers. Don’t forget to join our membership club to access members-only discounts and promotions.

Communities We Serve

We are proud to offer heating repair and maintenance services to our residential customers in and around Birmingham, AL, including:

●     Hoover

●     Vestavia

●     Homewood

●     Mountain Brook

●     Alabaster

●     Pelham

We recommend and use Trane products

As a Trane Dealer, our team is extensively trained, regularly updated, and qualified in a broad selection of exceptional temperature control and air quality options.

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